Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Happy Days!

If I believed in God, I would give thanks for the Election of Obama to a 2nd term of office at the Whitehouse. As it is, I shall revel in relief that it was not Mitt Romney that received the majority vote. His verbal assault on the rights of women, his religious extremism, his complete lack of understanding, empathy or desire to address the problems of those less well off than he etc etc; We can - and should - all give a great sigh of relief!

But the problems of the so-called 'free world' are far from over and there is so much still to be done to address inequality, poverty, abuses of human rights and dignities. Our politicians on this side of the Pond, are a pretty woeful bunch with a distinct dearth of inspiration, creativity, optimism, competence and little engagement with voters. Apathy will, no doubt, demonstrate itself again shortly with locally 'elected' Police and Crime Commissioners